The Road Ahead

For nearly 20 years, Lake County has been stuck in the bottom five of California’s 58 counties in the annual County Health Rankings. For over a decade, Lake County’s needs assessments have consistently identified the same priority recommendations, pointing to the need for public and private providers, government and community leaders to think together about how best to heighten the impact of current approaches to improving the health outcomes of Lake County residents.

True to its innovative leadership, In August 2014, the HLN applied for the “Way to Wellville,” and was selected as 1 of 5 counties to participate in the nationwide challenge, launched by the Health Initiative Coordinating Council (HICCup.)  The HLN introduced Way to Wellville to the community as a unique opportunity and impetus for stakeholders to consider innovations aimed at making a notable shift in the county’s health status. Achieving a significant magnitude of change requires repositioning from a traditional project-by-project approach to working across projects/initiatives to increase scale, remove duplication and silos, align and streamline efforts, while implementing agreed upon measures. The HLN convened discussions regarding Blue Zones, an Accountable Community of Health, a Trauma-Informed Community, Whole Person Care, Shared Data Exchange and Community Paramedicine, as opportunities with potential for repositioning and aligning organizational efforts.  

The Health Leadership Network's 2015-2020 Strategic Plan responds to priority recommendations identified in the 2013 Lake County Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), and the 2015 County Health Ranking conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Statistical information from the updated 2016 CHNA is incorporated within the completed Wellness Roadmap - an outcome of the HLN's most recent three year cross-sector collaboration entitled "Lift Lake County". The Wellness Roadmap organizes strategies, best practices, common measures and communication activities around eight goal areas. The Wellness Roadmap is designed to envision a “one work” approach, encompassing a composite of initiatives and activities that span the service continuum and contribute to a common purpose and outcomes larger than any single entity could achieve on its own. The Roadmap is our compass as we embark on the current HRSA project, and operationalize its impact areas by taking action to achieve our project goals.

The Health Leadership Network views health as a wide, all-encompassing umbrella inclusive of health, well-being, resiliency, and social determinants such as economic stability, education, safety and community engagement.  Our collaborative efforts aim to achieve collective impact in making an upward shift in our county’s poor health ranking while addressing priority recommendations from our county health needs assessment and other guiding documents.  We promote evidence-based practice, service coordination, shared data exchange and common measures, information sharing and networking, transparency and inclusiveness in our approach to project implementation. 


We believe there is an abundance of positive work being done among our partners and countywide stakeholders to support wellness, and will continue to provide a venue for cross-sector collaboration, utilizing and promoting the Wellness Roadmap as a framework to help bring all of these contributions together in "Partnership for a Healthy, Thriving Lake County."