Our current project, "Wellness Roadmap - Potential, Policy and Protocol", is funded by a HRSA (U.S Health and Human Services: Health Resources and Services Administration) Rural Health Network Development Grant awarded to Redwood MedNet and implemented through the Health Leadership Network. The project title is derived from the foundational document of the same name, an outcome of the previous HRSA funded "Lift Lake County" project, which included the development of a collaborative framework for cross-sector entities to work with strategy and intention toward collective impact, making an upward shift in our county’s poor health status. 
Furthering the cross-sector collaboration of Lift Lake County, the Wellness Roadmap project engages newly developed and existing resources, utilizing the established framework to take specific action, cutting across several impact areas identified in The Wellness Roadmap document.  A general overview of the project goals, strategies and structure is outlined below.